About Our Company

Our vision is to be a leader in the global and Indian agricultural filed by increasing customer base and by offering valuable service through prompt delivery of quality projects.

Like the beginning of most business stories, the birth of Samarth Agri developers started with a dream. On 18 September 2018, our founder Mr. Yuvraj Yashwantrao Desai dreamt of creating Lands projects based company, which would be grounded on the principle of excellence. Since the company has flourished to become a name recognized and respected.

Samarth agri developers is located at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Samarth agri developers has undertaken & successfully completed projects ranging from low to high-end group land projects. The company is also focusing on affordable agriculture lands, Seaside lands, and Highway touch lands and providing the new concept projects that contain Cashew nut gardens, mango tree gardens with plantation facility. Sustainable development for farmhouses near Seashore sides, mountainsides, we have One to Ten Thousand acers land selling capability. Samarth agri developer’s major success lies in the art of “Innovation “With Experimentation” that results into a quality time bound deliverable.

Reason to Choose Us

At Samarth agri developers, we have transformed ourselves to create value. We take our role in the value creation process seriously and believe in creating incredible things that can surpass common notions of value, to deliver things that will set future benchmarks without harming the ecosystem within which we build it.

Samarth Agri Developers is focused on developing landmarks that spell a level of engineering that is unparalleled. Today, we are developing and selling all types of lands asset classes –Agricultural lands,Commercial lands, Industrial lands, Residential lands, Apart from regular developing lands and having innovative projects

Samarth Agri Developers view is that entertainment, like other things should be democratic. Our first step in the direction of this thinking. It is specifically designed from the perspective of common people and is economical for a family to go to.

Our Core Values & Fundamentals

We are a company that is based on fundamentals and values. We believe that we can only grow when we listen to what our customers want. Our business practices and values are based on of existence where we have not only been developing lands but also providing the new reasonable projects for common people; we have been instrumental in building lives and business.

The company is managed by highly qualified professionals who are fully engrossed to ensure that the company maintains its high standards in quality, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. The company has always strived hard to keep its commitments and thus enjoys an extremely resonant reputation in the land developing filed.

Business Practices

Samarth agri Developers is a multi–disciplined firm and our business practices cover the following areas:

  1. Land project Plans
  2. Value Engineering
  3. Feasibility Studies
  4. Design and Building Contacts
  5. Quality Audit

Business Values

  1. Lending importance to the customer’s voice
  2. Ethics in business transactions
  3. Continuous up-gradation
  4. Quality is the core factor and lies in its people – our greatest asset
  5. Vaastu and Auric–energized projects to enhance the wellbeing of our residents
  6. Develop projects that are Environment-friendly
  7. Customer satisfaction and value for money is our motto